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Whelp, 15 years after it is hip, we are officially starting a blog page.  We mostly haven't done so to date due to time constraints (and also the fact that Molly is not fond of the word "blog". but is slowly coming to terms with it).  We have been told by a lot of our customers that they want to know more about us and the things we do, make, sell, etc.  We are generally private folks, but we are happy to share interesting tidbits as we see fit.  We hope you may find something interesting contained herein every once in a while. But please bear with us as there may be a steep learning curve.  We plan to feature things about us, other people, cool places and other makers/businesses.  If you have an idea for us to write about or question you want answered, email us at info@ilikemixedgreens.com and who knows, we may run with it!